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Player Ratings

Balancing the teams through player ratings

Although not a perfect science, it's all we have to balance teams the next season. As you know, “Balanced Teams” is one of AYSO’s core philosophies. We rely on you to provide ACCURATE PLAYER RATINGS using OUR RATING SYSTEM, as outlined below, at the end of each season. These ratings will help guide us as teams are formed for the following season. When we all do our part, we help ensure a positive playing experience for our young players!

Three Important Notes:

  1. The Ratings Must Be Accurate and use our Rating System;
  2. The Ratings Must Be Recorded in eAYSO;
  3. No Ratings = No Trophies


To input the individual ratings for your team, follow the steps below.
  1. Log into;
  2. Click on “View coach team” on the lower right hand side of the home screen;
  3. Click the “Click Here” tab under the TEAM column;
  4. Input your individual ratings as categorized above into each players ratings box;
  5. When complete, click on “Update”. You have now completed the ratings process. 
  6. A green message "Added Successfully" indicates the ratings were updated. You will probably not notice this message if you are not looking closely, it is very subtle at the top of the page.

Our Rating System:

To keep it simple, we just need a rating of 1 through 5 for each player, no half numbers.  We anticipate some 1's, 2's,4's & 5's and many 3's from your evaluations.  Below is an outline for how to rate the players.  If the player doesn't fully conform to the criteria, 4 out of 7 skills (Ball Skills, Attack, Defense, Communication, Speed, Stamina, Scores Goals) in any of the categories is enough.   If you are stuck on a player, look up your team in eAYSO and look at the evaluation your player got last year.  If they have improved tremendously move them up.  If they have stagnated and the team improved around them, move them down

5 - Exceptional - Proficient and comfortable with the ball | Great attack & defense | A leader on the field | Great speed & stamina | Likes to score goals
4 - Very Good - Comfortable with the ball | Good attack & defense | Reads the game & communicates well | Good speed & stamina | Can score goals
3 - Good - Decent foot skills | Good attack &/or defense | Is verbal on the field | Decent speed & stamina | Can score goals
2 - Average - Emerging foot skills | Average attack & defense | Doesn't communicate | Decent speed and/or stamina | Scores goals under low to no pressure
1 - Below Average - Poor foot skills | Poor attack & defense | Doesn't communicate | Poor speed and stamina | Doesn't score goals

Please consider the following:

  • Player’s skill level in relation to other teams you have faced – not just in relation to your own team. Concretely, a player who may be a 5 on my team, may only be a 3 when compared to other teams we have faced.
  • Age level appropriate skills: e.g. the U06 player is not expected to know how to push pass perfectly, but a U12 player who can pass the ball or move into space may merit a higher rating than one who cannot.
  • Don’t stack-rank your team, but don’t give them all the same rating, either. As a coach, it is your responsibility to differentiate your player talent.

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